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Exploration is the engine that
drives innovation.



We are all uniquely wired.  Our specific life experiences shape our perceptions, the way we learn, and in essence who we are. Our wiring is also determined by the specific way we choose to take in sensory information. This wiring constitutes our unique learning style. There is no good or bad, no better or worse.It is merely a leaning towards a particular way or ways of doing certain tasks.


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Interactive Expedition

Where you can Explore and play while you learn 

  • We create tools and experiences that help you to become an active explorer: hundreds of explore-for-yourself exhibits and film screenings, evening art and science events. In our exhibition you can have hands on experience and explore new ways of learning with provided tools.

  • We are similar to Exploratorium on Embarcadero Roadway, San Francisco.

  • We work to build understanding about learning, to change the way that people learn, and to make science education more accessible and equitable. 


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Field Trip Go

Experience an exciting way to learn 

  • We provide field trips and travels all around the world. We provide international and domestic travel experiences, hands-on learning and lasting cultural connections for both students and adults. We provide experiences that teach critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and global competence.

  • We are similar to CURRICULUM-BASED FIELD TRIPS that has classrooms and field trips to connect students with history, culture, and natural environment. The difference is that we take requests for planning field trips for groups.

  • We open the world through education with the best learning experiences.


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Instant Learn Website

An accessible online education for educators

  • An Online learning platform that helps anyone learn different topics from creative skills to any types of softwares and many more. We gather the most influential and efficient online resources and we make the learning experience accessible and easy.

  • We are an online educational source similar to or Youtube except we provide both digital books and educational videos. 

  • Our website allows users to explore, inspire and create while being accessible to anyone and anywhere.


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Hope Organization

Education is for everybody, We give this opportunity to people in need.

  • We provide education for children and youth in low-income countries. Although some children around the world are going to school than ever before, but many are not learning basic skills like reading. Hope organization gives this opportunity to people in need, so they can reach to their full potential.

  • We are similar to Save the Children organization that is all about wellbeing and education.

  • Hope organization is providing the necessary educational tools for people in need to become educated and have the opportunity to explore, inspire, or create.


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Academic Search Engine

A platform that’s built to serve all your research needs.

  • A large abstract and citation database of peer reviewed literature: scientific journals, books and conference proceedings. Covering research topics across all scientific and technical disciplines, from all majors and fields.

  • We are similar to Google scholar and Scopus.

  • We empower you to advance your science beyond the text.


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Smart Assistant

Get your answers Instantly with Smart Assistant

  • Smart assistant brings you visual help for any moment at home. With the Smart Assistant, you can use your voice to ask questions, and get visual, immersive answers, and helpful videos from Next website.

  • This product is Similar to Alexa and Google home but it is specifically designed for educational purposes.

  • We believe information is power. We give you an answer instantly after you ask a question or make a request.


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Class App

An accessible online education for educators

  • Our app is similar to our website where users can learn and have access to different topics from creative skills to any types of softwares and many more. We gather the most influential and efficient online resources and we make the learning experience accessible and easy.

  • Next app is similar to Coursera app.

  • We are an accessible educational platform for educators who would like to explore or create.