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There is something special when creative people get together.



Creativity is an essential aspect of teaching and learning that is influencing worldwide educational policy and teacher practice, and is shaping the possibilities of 21st-century learners. The way creativity is understood, nurtured, and linked with real-world problems for emerging workforces is significantly changing the ways contemporary scholars and educators. Creativity discourses commonly attend to creative ability, influence, and assessment 


Skill Learning Workshop

We help you to improve your skills and succeed 

  • We offers a range of Learning Skills Workshop topics designed to promote academic success, from Time Management and Presentation skills, Reading and Note Taking, all the way to Exam Prep and more.Our workshops are designed to help educators and professionals to build the key academic and organizational skills needed for academic success, as well as to increase self awareness about their own learning.

  • We are similar to skill building workshop sand the difference is that we are open to the public.

  • We create fun learning experience where you can meet educators and share similar interests.


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Society School

Accessible Online and Onsite education
for educators

  • Online and Onsite classes are available to educators depending on their preferences and interest. We are offering different degrees, professional development and personal enrichment courses, and certificate programs. We are preparing you for futures in an academic environment that is both supportive and challenging.

  • We are Similar to ACADEMY OF ART UNIVERSITY but we are not only art focused.

  • We help you to access to higher education opportunities that enable educators to develop their skills necessary to achieve their professional goals.


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Learn Easy Tablet

An easy to use educational tablet

  • With Learn Easy Tablet we push the boundaries of imagination and learning experience. The learning experience has never been this easy or fun. Our tablet comes with preloaded Class app where you can have access to all Next services, such as all the books, classes, talks and more. So, it's ready to go straight out of the box.

  • We are similar to Amazon fire tablets and LeapFrog Academy edition that is includes interactive learning games for children. But our Tablet is specifically designed for the Next Audience for higher education.

  • We support innovative minds and encourage curiosity and imagination.


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Project Exhibition

A place for creative people to showcase their work and find new opportunities

  • Project exhibition is an annual exhibition where educators can showcase their projects. The projects can be submitted through the website and they get selected for the annual exhibition. Showcasing approved projects opens new opportunities by meeting new people.

  • We are similar to Spring Show and Winter Show at the Academy of Art but the difference is at Project Exhibition anyone from any part of the world can submit a project and the work get selected from the submissions.

  • Project exhibition is a platform for educators to get encouraged to create and also to get inspired from the projects that are showcased at the exhibition.


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Publish press

A platform to publish books from individuals

  • We collaborate with teachers and schools to provide the printing materials for students. We offer discount for high volume orders for institutions and schools. Our website can save and store your uploaded materials in your personal profile. There are also templates provided for users for faster and easier submissions.

  • Our service is similar to Blurb.

  • We are a platform that makes publication easy and accessible and allows everyone to create professional-quality books.


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Creative Ideas

We help to bring creative ideas to life

  • Creative Ideas helps creatives and other creators find the resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality. We spend our time designing and building projects, connecting people around inspiring creative projects.

  • We are similar to Kickstarter.

  • We are a community built around inspirational ideas and and creative projects.